Jumping Creek, Pipetracks, Horse paddocks and Lily ponds

Redoing this walk, as it rained non stop last time and we couldn't do the full walk.


This walk starts and ends at the Warren Glen cafe, corner of Ringwood Warrandyte Rd and Jumping Creek Rd. (Melways 35 J1)

The gates open at 8:30am, which is why we're starting at 8:45am

Please park in the gravel overflow parking to the left, not in the main parking area.

The walk heads down to Jumping creek, where we'll walk (offtrack) along the side of the creek until Brysons Rd.

We then walk down Brysons Rd to the pipetrack. 

We stop at Colman Park for lunch (toilets).

We then continue along the pipe track, up through Husseys Lane Reserve, and along the side of Gold Memorial Rd  to Warrandtye state Park.

There may be a creek crossing here! There was last time (but there had been a lot of rain)

We wander through here until we get back to the cafe. 

I'll make a reservation for coffee's here. Its a lovely spot to relax and unwind. The last reservation is at 2:45pm.

The off track section is quite difficult, but easier (and much shorter) than the last time we did Jumping Creek, as we're taking the high tracks this time instead of the low tracks :-)