Plenty Gorge North

This is the third in my Plenty Gorge walks!

Start at the Hawkstone Picnic area. If you are driving north along Plenty Road, you turn right into Gordons Rd, then take the first left, and then the first right. Continue along this rd a while to get to the picnic point. Don't go to the Red Gum Picnic Area. Don't continue down Gordons Rd - you can't get into Hawkstone, as its a one way loop.

We'll have a look at the brick and bluestone Le Page homestead, barn and stables to start with, and then walk along the Plenty river up and back. At the end of the walk there will be a river crossing - I'll check to see how much water there is, but last time i went it was ankle deep (When Jack & Kay De Bruijne went it was shin deep!)

The walk is along many narrow mountain bike tracks, with plenty of small ups and downs. 

There will be a few off tracks, and the walk will be at a good pace.

For car pooling, meet at Buck Reserve at 7:45am

Coffee at Rivers on Yarambat