We are a friendly club  based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

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If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, meet new people and take up a physical activity for your health then explore our website.

The Club has day walks on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Wednesday is our main walking day with a number of walks at different levels from Easy to Hard.  We also have 10 am to 2 pm walks on some Tuesdays and Thursdays for those with school responsibilities.  We hold base camps and extended Backpacking activities in Victoria, interstate and overseas together with cycling, paddling and skiing activities.

We hold social events and provide training courses in First Aid, walking, navigation and leadership. Monthly Club meetings have a guest speaker on a wide range of interesting topics.

A lending library of books, maps and magazines is available as well as hiking gear for hire.

Share our love of the Victorian bush with like minded friendly people







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Latest News

Latest News

Position Vacant

We need a new Walk coordinator for Wednesday Easy walks

Support your club and advise anyone on Committee if you would like to help.

New Petrol Calculator

A new matrix has been uploaded to Leaders Documents.

Leaders please update to the new rates.

 Emergency Whistle codes

Everyone participating in a walk must carry a whistle with at least 100 decibels 

The emergency whistle codes as nominated by the NSAR and BWV are :

 One short blast at irregular intervals - searchers looking for a missing person and as an acknowledgment of a distress signal

 Three short blasts together, regularly spaced — distress signal

 Four short blasts together, regularly spaced — stop and regroup signal






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